“This foundation shall be dedicated to the development, encouragement and
promulgation of the performing arts in whatever way possible.”


Thus far in 2009 we have granted seven $1,000 continuing education scholarships to deserving high school seniors and currently enrolled university students. In addition, we sponsored a university performing arts major in a coveted 11-week internship at the prestigious The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

Helping aspiring performing arts professionals when it counts!


Roy Hine Performing Arts Foundation, Inc. is successor 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to Wagon Wheel Theatre Foundation, Inc. Only the name has been changed.

We are headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, where we began as a non-profit foundation with a goal to purchase the local professional theatre. While we were unsuccessful in our original goal, we continue by encouraging and assisting those who desire to make the performing arts a career.

Our energies and focus is to our primary goal stated above.

We believe the performing arts are an infrastructure of our society that cannot be ignored and must be encouraged and promoted in every way possible. The performing arts—theatre, music, dance—provide our lives with the color and understanding necessary to develop as human beings. Without live performing arts, our lives would be a gray existence.

We intend to promulgate performing arts in every way, including scholarships for deserving theatre, music and dance students in high schools and universities, financial support for other non-profit organizations with like goals, and the production, support, and encouragement of live performances of every kind and character wherever possible.

We invite your support and input.



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